31 days

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So one of the bigger challenges in planning has been to fit as much planning as possible into my random days off. So today we are currently en route to Jos A Banks to pick up/ fit my FLAT FRONT tux pants!! That is some search let me tell ya. Didn't think it would be nearly this hard to find flat front tux pants....oh well...I digress.

We also have an appointment with our florist @ 3pm today. Time to hammer out the last few details as we're fast approaching under 30 days!!!!

On a different note, I have one of my first senior sessions today with the son of one of a family friend. Should be a blast! Check my facebook account for the photos soon!


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and HIS ring has been purchased!

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Yep, it's official I bought Kev's ring tonight! Whoop, whoop!. After looking for hours at all the bling, we went for a more simple and classic look! White gold, clean band! It sure looked good on that finger, I'm ready for it to permanently be there! Just 64 days until that dream is a reality!

-jos signing out-

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Drum roll please......

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........ 66 days until we get MARRIED! There are days, I still catch myself acting like a teenager because I'm so crazy in love with Kevin. Silly, as it may seem, it's a love THAT real.

Wedding updates
Kevin's tux coat came in! Now the search is on for pants, and hold the satin stripe on the side please :) You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to find flat front pants, with no pleats, yeah not the case! The search is on!

I met with our seamstress yesterday morning! She is one talented seamstress and is a fellow church friend. She will be making the candle lighters and flower girl dresses. Check out her website! http://www.vanyadesigns.com

Still working on the food arrangements. While living in McPherson, I worked for a little restaurant called Amics. Anne, the owner, started the catering business out of her home and now has a restaurant along side her catering! Awesome food, you'll just have to taste it for yourself! Another website to check out: http://www.amicscatering.com

Invites are in and they look awesome! There is a little assembly required but nothing a little manual labor can't fix!

Keep your eyes open for what's to come in the mail!

-josie signing out-

big step

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So among the many projects we've been smack in the middle of, refinishing our hardwood floors has been smack in the middle of it all. And what a project it has been!

The exciting new is after all the hours spent sanding and sanding we finally threw down stain in the first room! So exciting! The office was the brave soul to take the plunge. We love it! So much better than the yellowy oaky color!

Today I'm kicking my day off with a much needed haircut and then it's on to ordering my tux! Well...my tux jacket. You'd think I'm not the only person in history to attempt to find flat front tux pants?!?!? Apparently so...the hunt continues!

Save the dates have been drug out time after time....in fact we just recieved our actual invitations last week! So save the dates have begun to weigh on our shoulders. They WILL be done this week!! They WILL!

If you'd like more up to date wedding/Kevin/Josie info you can follow me on twitter.com/kevinferstl

Until we meet again!


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hello friend...it's been awhile

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Well hello again.

Nice to see you're still here.

So much has changed even since our last blog posting.

The invite company fell through. Too bad...however we've found an awesome new design at Maxine's here in Wichita that are even cooler. Never seen anything quite like them before! You'll all dig 'em. I'm sure of it.

We know we've dropped the ball on our save-the-dates. So annoying how time can spin into a total whirlwind without your knowledge. Something about buying a house and going to Emerald Isle, NC and Tryon, NE during the purchase can really stretch your ETA on finishing projects. They'll be out within a week. That's the plan and we're sticking to it!

Speaking of house...we've now officially purchased our first ever home! Holy cow. It's truly overwhelming how good God is to us. I mean even just the homerun of bringing us together is good, but man, He's on a roll I tell ya. And in true Jos Kev fashion; the painting began within hours of closing. Check out our update album here. On that note. Add both of us as facebook friends to see further updates.....plus it's just good for your sanity to friend us. ;)

I did finally find a tux that mostly matched my criteria. Pretty slick and pretty classicly vintage. Although I have to find an alternate place for the tux pants. I just can't do pleats........ugh.......

Up To KC

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So today we (My folks, Jos & I) headed up to KC today to begin the design process of our invitations. There are umpteen amounts of options, but we had a good idea of what we were wanting.

The place (name unnamounced) is awesome. Just a small business run by two former ad guys who started making cards for fun...then it turned in to an awesome business. There place is slick. A renovated small little country home. You'd never even know it was there.

Today got me thinking. We didn't necessarily set out to deal only with small businesses and we've not been 100% with it (David's Bridal for engagement dresses), but we've sure enjoyed dealing with small mostly.

You just feel so much more like you're important. Like they are so excited and ready to make our day as special as possible.

From Josh McCullock (http://joshmccullock.blogspot.com), Cake Affairs, invites & Jos' dress...we've sure enjoyed staying small...even if the potential attendance size isn't small. Haha


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It's here

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Today Jos & I are heading to OKC for our engagemant shoot. The nervousness has subsided now. The original forecast was 80% chance of rain for the entire day. Now we're at 80% until 6pm then 30%. So it's looking now like we will have some awesome backdrops for our shoot. Water reflections=awesome!


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