First Registry...CHECK!

Written on 11:10 PM by Jos & Kev's Wedding Planning

Inevitably, planning is starting to plateau.

We had a great time in KC last weekend.  It was my first chance to meet some of the Miller cousins.  What a blast.

Jos & I had planned on doing some tux hunting while in KC, but lunch at a mongolian barbeque will easy change your mind on that one.  ;)

So after spending the day wandering around Oak Park Mall with the cousins; Jos & I headed over to the Apple Store (OF COURSE!) to do a little drooling....While we were in the area we had a flash of brilliance and decided to register at Crate & Barrel.  I know, I know...if only we could register at the Apple Store.

It's funny how you go through a few different stages when registering for the first time.
1. Nervousness about finding an associate to help up set up the registry.
2. Overwhelming anxiety when they hand you the gun and say, "Have at it!"
3. Apprehension towards scanning anything over the "econo" pricing.
4. Sheer whimsy after you scan a $3,000 orange leather chair!

5. A grounded reality resumes and you move on to cups.
6. you return the scanner/gun/lightsaber.
7. Anticipation towards the arrival of the next registry experience!

It really was a blast and honestly the folks at C&B couldn't have been any more helpful.

Oh yeah...they handed the gun to me straight away.....guess they figured that's the only fun part for the groom.  Boy, they sure don't know me.  Haha.  Here are a few more shots from the day.


Now are efforts are focused on finalizing the guest list and readying the "Save the dates."  You'll just have to wait and see about how those will turn out!  Muahahahah


Wedding Dress...check!

Written on 1:12 PM by Jos & Kev's Wedding Planning

The dress has been ordered and I am elated! Now it's time to work on getting all my bridesmaids togther to try on the dress I have my eye on for them. Easier said than done, since they are spread out between Kansas and Oklahoma! 

 The Ferstl basement has become the haven for all the wedding decoration items! Both our parenst have been great help at giving us ideas! I can't thank our parents enough for all they have done to help thus far! 

All in all, the planning is going well. We both are very organized people, so it doesn't surprise me that we are on top of the planning. to research tux places in Kansas City!