and HIS ring has been purchased!

Written on 6:57 PM by Jos & Kev's Wedding Planning

Yep, it's official I bought Kev's ring tonight! Whoop, whoop!. After looking for hours at all the bling, we went for a more simple and classic look! White gold, clean band! It sure looked good on that finger, I'm ready for it to permanently be there! Just 64 days until that dream is a reality!

-jos signing out-

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Drum roll please......

Written on 7:05 PM by Jos & Kev's Wedding Planning

........ 66 days until we get MARRIED! There are days, I still catch myself acting like a teenager because I'm so crazy in love with Kevin. Silly, as it may seem, it's a love THAT real.

Wedding updates
Kevin's tux coat came in! Now the search is on for pants, and hold the satin stripe on the side please :) You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to find flat front pants, with no pleats, yeah not the case! The search is on!

I met with our seamstress yesterday morning! She is one talented seamstress and is a fellow church friend. She will be making the candle lighters and flower girl dresses. Check out her website!

Still working on the food arrangements. While living in McPherson, I worked for a little restaurant called Amics. Anne, the owner, started the catering business out of her home and now has a restaurant along side her catering! Awesome food, you'll just have to taste it for yourself! Another website to check out:

Invites are in and they look awesome! There is a little assembly required but nothing a little manual labor can't fix!

Keep your eyes open for what's to come in the mail!

-josie signing out-