Photographer. Check!

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The hunt is over.

We have officially found the photographer that will be shooting our wedding!

Josh McCullock

Check him out here. I personally have not had a chance to chat with him, but Jos chatted him on the phone today and was totally sold on his personality and approach towards shooting our wedding.  So after a bit of a scare with the couple booking Ryan, we stumbled upon Josh while actually contacting another photographer.  But boy did we sure hit the lottery.  He hits and exceeds all of our "must haves" for a wedding a few more....

1. He shoots Nikon.  Check
2. His workspace is littered with signs of the Mac-obsessed.  Check.
3. Plus his email ended with Check

We also had our first meeting with a potential company to do our flowers.  This was the one area in which neither of us had any CONCRETE ideas on just what we wanted.  The meeting went well, however, we're going to check out a few more places.  More on that one later.

It's about time for the latest episode of "The Office" to start!  So I'm out. 


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Pics from Saturday's wedding planning with Jessa.


Back in action...

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As I write this morning, I am listening to my favorite musician, Jeremy Camp. The song is entitled, "Trust in You." When I think of all the planning and upcoming "to do" lists I am reminded to keep giving it all to God and trust in His wonderful and unfailing love. That trust in God, is what kept my hope alive to find my future husband. Even though sometimes the road was tiring and seemed never ending, God was right in the midst of it all. And the man God had waiting for me......totally worth the wait! I can't wait to marry my best friend! And I can tell anyone who has lost hope in the "happily ever after"..... keep trusting God, He is good and faithful.'s been a few days, I am lagging behind a bit! Whoops!

Last weekend Kev and I had the chance to hang out with Kev's "lil sis," Jessa! She is such a doll and I am thankful Kev and I will get to be in her life for all the years to come. Little did she know, we had a big surprise for her in store! While we were eating lunch, we asked her what she thought she saw herself doing at our wedding.
       Her reply, "I could be a human coat rack or guest book person..!"
So, in our sneakiness, I asked Jessa if she would like to have a little bit bigger role and become one of my bridesmaids! 
        "OF COURSE!!" She replied! 
So, now the bridesmaid list is complete and I am very happy to have my "lil sis," stand up with us on such a beautiful day to come..:D

We also looked at an invitations company that was great! We will continue to figure out if Kevin making our invites is going to be more cost effective or if a company, like the one we looked at on Saturday, will be more cost effective in the long run. 

After we returned from our day with Jessa, I was gazing at my ring and noticed  it was missing a diamond! In that moment, I knew that I would have to be without my ring for a few days! So,  after church on Sunday we took it to Helzburg and to my dismay, it was going to be an ENTIRE WEEK before it would be repaired! It was a weird feeling leaving my ring there and knowing I wouldn't have it for a entire week. But, on Wednesday, while hanging out with my sister, brother in law and the nephews, we dropped into Helzburg, just to see if it was done! Sure enough, it was back, repaired and sparkling like non other! Boy, I am glad to have it back on my finger! 

We have a few leads on other photographers.....!

Flower ideas are in the works......!

Vases for the isle are being bought.....! 

Things are well underway.....!


Photographer.....not check.....

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Well we finally heard from Ryan Brenizer......the other couple that had inquired about the date before us decided to book him.  Even though this is not the end result we were hoping for, it's nice to now know whatever the outcome.  I still hold his work in the highest regard.  Next time we're in NYC we're definitely looking him up to do some shooting, per his request.  If you need the BEST photographer period look him up.....although expect some jealousy from Jos and I.  Just kidding.

So now we have a new hunt.  Finding a photographer whose work inspires and moves us in the way that Ryan's work does.  And also finding a photographer whose approach is a spot on as his.  Tall order.  Tall order indeed.

Our next lead is Wirken Photography.  

They're based out of KC and so far we've both been stoked about what we've seen.  Check out their web site and look at Becca's work.  She's the stand-out for us.  I sent an email today to them to check first and foremost that November 7th is open.  So fingers crossed on that one.

Tomorrow Jos and I are heading to KC to check out some miscellaneous wedding stuff.  We're picking up my "little sister" Jessa in Topeka before heading over to the big city.  We've enlisted Jessa as our photographer for the day so I'm sure I'll have plenty of pics up after this weekend.

On a seperate note, if anyone is looking for a KILLER point-and-shoot camera that bests any competitor on the market.  It's the Panasonic Lumix LX3.  It's small enough for me that it's with me at all times....unless I'm rocking my big boy SLRs!  Every pic you've seen so far on the blog has been with the LX3.  And I'm sure you'll see many many more from it.

Tonight's we're taking a break from planning and going with Kurt and Kathrin to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  It's going to be fantastic.  Cheers.


Wedding cake........CHECK!

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 After meeting with the "cake lady," we've decided Cake Affairs,  in Wichita, KS is the company in which will be making our wedding cake dreams come true! Kevin and I spent a good hour and a half talking and getting to personally know the lady owner. After being in the cake business 11 years, she truly knows what she is doing! Check them out @

The cake flavors in which we have chosen include: Butter Pecan, a basic white wedding cake and last but not least, chocolate fudge! Trust me, you will not be disappointed by any of the flavors! 

But the style and details of our cake, well that one you will just have to find out for yourself ....! It will be a beautiful cake and I am already excited to see the final result!

Enough cake talk....

Tomorrow I will be trying on "the dress," again. After last weekend's trip to a local bridal store here in Derby, the last thing I told myself was, 
"Do not come out loving a dress in this store, but keep your options open..."
Sure enough, I found a dress I am absolutely in love with and can't wait to try it on again!  
As for my bridesmaids, at first I was sold on a copper/burnt orange color, but not as much anymore. I have found a beautiful olive/fern green colored dress, that I am heavily considering! But not entirely sold yet! I will keep my options open on that aspect right now.

Ok...better get a move on other items ....


Hitting the ground...

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After work today I hit the ground running. The thought of designing our save-the-dates and the invitations really excites me...but then I start plunkimg down all of the pieces needed to assemble just one invitation and it's crazy. I keep thinking, "People better love these things!" Hahaha.  

If you've never been to either Maxine's of Bradley Paper I highly recommend visiting.  They have both been HUGE help in budgeting and wading through the world that is paper.  Below are some sample sheets that will likely comprise the color scheme of the wedding as well as the invitations.  They have both forever earned my business.

Jos got her hair trimmed today and spent the majority of the time talking with Ngoc about wedding hairstyles and such.  Stylist?  BOOKED!

Today is actually our 3-month anniversary. 3-months to go from friends to engaged. Needless to say we don't mess about!  But boy, when ya know you know.  We celebrated by going to Chipotle.  Fancy we know ;)

We also hit up Men's Warehouse to look at Tuxes.  We were promptly greeted...pointed to a book....then ignored for 10 minutes until we decided to leave.  Strike two men's Warehouse.  Strike Two.  If anyone knows any good Tux places where I can possibly purchase my own tux let us know.

Still waiting to hear from Ryan (dream photographer) regarding whether or not the couple who have dibs on him for November 7th have snatched him up or not. We're anxious about that one.

We have an appointment with a potential cake place tomorrow at 4:30.  They have one more slot open for November 7th.  The place is called Cake Affairs.  It's actually just run by two sisters out of their houses.  That'll be interesting to actually go to someone's home that we don't know.  Wonder if she'll let me take pictures?!?!?  Hahaha

Other than that things are going swimmingly. Jos is excited about her last week at Rainbows and we're both ready for the weekend!


Testing out the iPhone app Shozu

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Now from our iPhone we should be able to blog and post pictures!


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Welcome To The Blog

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Welcome to the first post for our wedding planning blog!

Our hope is that you can experience all of the planning stages along with us.

We're off to a fast start.  It's only been one week since I proposed and yet the planning is in full swing.  Tonight, for example, we spent a good hour looking at tux styles online so I can start deciphering my tastes.  I have a gut feeling that what I like, and what looks best on me, will be unrelated......but time will tell.

Jos, on the other hand, has jumped right in this past weekend by attending the bridal expo in Wichita with my mom, her mom and sister, and friend.....not to mention she thinks she may have already found "THE DRESS."

This coming week we're hoping to further investigate cake styles and flavors, as well as, take another plunge into designing our wedding invitations.  The plan is for me to do all of the design work myself......although we're not entirely sold on that idea.  It'll really all come down to whether or not we are willing to invest the considerable amount of time in prep and assembly.  More on that later...

Time to bid farewell for the evening and send Jos off to bed.