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Written on 6:48 PM by Jos & Kev's Wedding Planning

So today we (My folks, Jos & I) headed up to KC today to begin the design process of our invitations. There are umpteen amounts of options, but we had a good idea of what we were wanting.

The place (name unnamounced) is awesome. Just a small business run by two former ad guys who started making cards for fun...then it turned in to an awesome business. There place is slick. A renovated small little country home. You'd never even know it was there.

Today got me thinking. We didn't necessarily set out to deal only with small businesses and we've not been 100% with it (David's Bridal for engagement dresses), but we've sure enjoyed dealing with small mostly.

You just feel so much more like you're important. Like they are so excited and ready to make our day as special as possible.

From Josh McCullock (http://joshmccullock.blogspot.com), Cake Affairs, invites & Jos' dress...we've sure enjoyed staying small...even if the potential attendance size isn't small. Haha


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