hello friend...it's been awhile

Written on 12:48 AM by Jos & Kev's Wedding Planning

Well hello again.

Nice to see you're still here.

So much has changed even since our last blog posting.

The invite company fell through. Too bad...however we've found an awesome new design at Maxine's here in Wichita that are even cooler. Never seen anything quite like them before! You'll all dig 'em. I'm sure of it.

We know we've dropped the ball on our save-the-dates. So annoying how time can spin into a total whirlwind without your knowledge. Something about buying a house and going to Emerald Isle, NC and Tryon, NE during the purchase can really stretch your ETA on finishing projects. They'll be out within a week. That's the plan and we're sticking to it!

Speaking of house...we've now officially purchased our first ever home! Holy cow. It's truly overwhelming how good God is to us. I mean even just the homerun of bringing us together is good, but man, He's on a roll I tell ya. And in true Jos Kev fashion; the painting began within hours of closing. Check out our update album here. On that note. Add both of us as facebook friends to see further updates.....plus it's just good for your sanity to friend us. ;)

I did finally find a tux that mostly matched my criteria. Pretty slick and pretty classicly vintage. Although I have to find an alternate place for the tux pants. I just can't do pleats........ugh.......

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