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So among the many projects we've been smack in the middle of, refinishing our hardwood floors has been smack in the middle of it all. And what a project it has been!

The exciting new is after all the hours spent sanding and sanding we finally threw down stain in the first room! So exciting! The office was the brave soul to take the plunge. We love it! So much better than the yellowy oaky color!

Today I'm kicking my day off with a much needed haircut and then it's on to ordering my tux! tux jacket. You'd think I'm not the only person in history to attempt to find flat front tux pants?!?!? Apparently so...the hunt continues!

Save the dates have been drug out time after fact we just recieved our actual invitations last week! So save the dates have begun to weigh on our shoulders. They WILL be done this week!! They WILL!

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Until we meet again!


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